Commit 4a2de365 authored by Benoît Simonneaux's avatar Benoît Simonneaux

compiler/debug: Add debug_val_imm_type().

parent 9ffc3f99
......@@ -256,3 +256,18 @@ const wchar_t *debug_annotation_type(enum bm_ast_annotation_type type)
return L"<unknown annotation>";
const wchar_t *debug_val_imm_type(enum bm_ast_val_imm_type type)
switch (type)
case BM_AST_VALUE_IMM_BOOL: return L"bool";
case BM_AST_VALUE_IMM_CHAR: return L"char";
case BM_AST_VALUE_IMM_FLOAT: return L"float";
case BM_AST_VALUE_IMM_INT: return L"int";
case BM_AST_VALUE_IMM_STRING: return L"string";
case BM_AST_VALUE_IMM_UINT: return L"uint";
return L"<unknown value imm>";
......@@ -29,5 +29,6 @@ extern const wchar_t *debug_token_type(enum bm_token_type type);
extern const wchar_t *debug_node_type(enum bm_ast_node_type type);
extern const wchar_t *debug_visibility(enum bm_ast_visibility visibility);
extern const wchar_t *debug_annotation_type(enum bm_ast_annotation_type type);
extern const wchar_t *debug_val_imm_type(enum bm_ast_val_imm_type type);
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